Advantages of the potty Hacik

The inner potty can easily be removed and washed, fitting nicely under the taps. The problem with other potties is that water splashes out during washing or the potty does not fit under the taps and you have to wash them in the bath.
Children like the pet animal on the potty so they use this potty with pleasure. The wooden design is child friendly and this also can match to your interior decoration. Children sit on it comfortably and they can hold the animal's ears.   
For training, put the potty in one place and do not move it and the child remembers where the potty has its place and (s)he goes there. For children who start to speak later it is an advantage. Instead of verbal expression they can point their finger at the potty.
If you are unsure whether your child has been successful or not, you can tell by looking into the potty from the side. So it means you do not need to pick up your child to check. This is a really great advantage for their first training because when children stand up, they often do not want to sit down again.
Our potty is suitable for girls and boys too. Although the inner potty has no deflector, if you make sure boys are properly seated, it will be OK. Training is the same  as others potties.
The inner potty can also be used as a travel potty. The potty is small and you can take it everywhere you go. In this case it is better to help to your child to sit and stand up.
Hacik fits all sizes. Whether your child is large or small, short or tall it fits all. 
Money back guarantee:
If you have any doubts, you can try the potty and if you are not satisfied with it,  you can return the undamaged potty within 14 days. Due to hygiene conditions please do not return the inner plastic potty.
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