Frequently Asked Questions

1 Can you also produce the potty with other motives?
  We can produce the potty according to customer's requirements. The final price will be calculated according to the requirements.
  Cats and dogs are animals that children learn first and they generally like them the most. 
  The news is the potty with the design of a white tiger, which is a symbol of our region and the biggest attraction at our local zoo.
2 Is the potty suitable for a boy?
  Yes, the potty is suitable for boys. When boys are properly seated, they will not pee out of the potty. It is just about training and it is the same with other potties, too.
3 Is the potty dangerous for children? 
  No, it is child friendly. All edges are rounded. The potty fulfils all standards under applicable EU legislation.
4 Isn't the potty too big?
  No, it is not. The dimensions of our potty are:  length  40 cm (15.75 inch),  width 30 cm (11.81 inch) and height  32 cm (12.6 inch).
  It is a standard size of a potty.
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