Hacik - sitty down or time to go…..

Hacik is an excellent potty. My daughter was attracted by its cheerful design. She can hold the ears that help her easily sit down and stand up, making it an easy event. The stability of the potty means the potty has never overturned or spilled as has happened to us with an ordinary potty. Emptying and cleaning is very simple. You can empty it without any splashing!  It´s clearly handmade, it is the potty with the story, not just a plain piece of plastic from China. Dorka´s mum.

The Hacik potty has impressed me by its retro design. But I have to say that it is functional too. My son likes sitting on it, which is for me a big surprise. I had big problems to persuade my older daughter to sit and stay on her potty.  For boys there is a little complication. You have to check that he is going to pee in the potty not out of the potty. My son and I are very satisfied with the potty. I can recommend it to all mothers and fathers who are in favour of quality, natural materials and nice design. Matej´s mum.

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